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Somnio CBD Fresh Coffee Beans

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Somnio coffee beans supply a full-bodied and nicely-rounded cup in each brew.Originating from the highlands of Costa Rica  s Southern Pacific, Colombia Huila and Guatemala Antigua beans develop inside the area of mineral-rich volcanic soils.This CBD espresso has a fancy aroma of sweet tones adopted by a smooth aftertaste with notes of decadent dark chocolate.Ingredient Spotlight 

Coffee Beans

Espresso Beans- Comprise caffeine to boost energy. Identified for its energising qualities as well as its mood boosting effect. Also incorporates anti inflammatory.CBD- Works with receptors in the mind which induce calmness and ease nervousness symptoms. Works with the mind to induce anti-inflammatory effects.

Roasted coffee beans, 35mg | 75mg | 100mg
Brewing ratio:
Use 2.5 tablespoons per 6 ounces adjust accordingly
Finest store:
preserve inside a fairly cool, darkish cupboard closed with a bag clip or pour it into an airtight container

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