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Nooro CBD Raw+Vegan Oat Flapjack 25mg 10x45g

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Raw+Vegan Oat Flapjack By Nooro CBD is a tasty and wholesome CBD Flapjack with ingredients from natural plant forming a raw, vegan, high fibre flapjack with a range of vitamins and minerals including iron, magnesium, zinc and copper. Featuring a mix of natural flavours including:

-Banana and Cinnamon
-Lemon and Ginger
-Cocoa and Coconut  

Get your daily dose of 25mg per CBD Flapjack.10 Flapjacks per package (45g x 10)

Natural Apricot, Peanut Butter, Oats, Ground Almond, Chicory Root Fibre, Cacao Nibs, Coconut Oil, Ground Ginger, Maca Powder, Ginkgo Bilboa Extract, CBD

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