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As vaping continues to gain lots of popularity, new devices keep emerging daily hence making this method even more interesting. CBD pods one of the easiest ways to vape CBD nowadays.

What are CBD pods?

CBD pods are usually small cartridges that are inserted in a flat device resembling a USB drive. A CBD pod contains a liquid substance that is mostly infused with terpenes, CBD, and other CBD oil and hemp plant substances.

Why choose CBD pods?

CBD pods provide many benefits, which is one major reason why you should choose them. Firstly, CBD pods contain CBD, which is one of the major marijuana components that does not have psychoactive properties. So, using CBD pods will not make you high despite the amount you vape. That way, you can enjoy its benefits without worrying about affecting your concentration when doing vital daily duties.

Secondly, CBD pods are usually available in many flavours, thus giving you a variety to choose from. This variety also enables you to try different flavours anytime you want and even select your favourite without much hassle. Some of the most common flavours that you can use are Watermelon, strawberry gelato, and fruit loop milk.

The Benefits of CBD Pods

Here are some of the best CBD pods benefits that you can expect:

CBD Pods Are User-Friendly

Pods are very user-friendly since you don’t need to keep changing the settings to get the best experience. CBD pods usually work best at specific resistance levels and wattage, which come already set. That way, it becomes easier to vape using them even if you are a beginner. Also, these pods are draw-activated, meaning that they do not need a button to produce vapor, thus making them less complicated.

They Are Portable

Due to the nature of pod vaping, CBD pods are incredibly portable. These days, CBD pods are extremely light and pocket-friendly. So, you can carry your CBD pod anywhere and vape anytime you want, including when travelling.

CBD Pods Are Low Maintenance

CBD pods are very cheap to maintain since most of their components are inbuilt. That way, CBD pods enable you to enjoy the benefits of CBD without spending much on maintaining the device.


If you’re looking for a great way to vape without most people noticing, then using CBD pods is what you need. CBD pods do not produce so much vapor compared to other vaping gadgets. So, using them allows you to enjoy your CBD oil anywhere without drawing lots of attention, especially in places like parks.

They Deliver A Stronger Hit

CBD pods are known to release lots of CBD oil vapor. Doing this allows you to get more CBD in your system in a single hit, thus helping you to feel stronger and faster effects after vaping.

They Are Affordable

Most online shops sell their CBD pods at extremely low prices hence making them more affordable. However, it is vital that you check whether they are of excellent quality to avoid future disappointments.


How many puffs will a CBD pod provide?

This one mostly depends on you. If you are a beginner, then your CBD pod can last for even 2 or 3 weeks. For experienced users, their CBD pods might not last for that long.

Are CBD pods safe?

Yes. CBD pods are extremely safe to use as they contain high-quality CBD oil, which provides major health benefits and does not make you high.

Does it cause any side effects?

Although CBD pods are considered extremely safe to use, the CBD oil inside might affect people differently. So, some people might experience side effects after using, but that rarely happens. Here are some of the most common side effects that you can look out for:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite changes

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