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Statistics show that about 18 million people were vaping in 2018. This number is expected to increase to even 51 million users in 2021. The popularity of vaping is rising daily since most people have made it their go-to method when it comes to using CBD. The most common device that people use to vape nowadays is a CBD pen.

So, what are CBD pens?

CBD pens are unique gadgets used to vape, and they usually contain hemp CBD, coconut oil and other natural essences. These pens are divided into two major categories which are:

Refillable Vape Pens

A refillable CBD pen is any vape pen that can be easily refilled with CBD e-juice. This pen-type contains a tank that’s attached to a rechargeable battery, and are great for moving around since they are small and stylish compared to other vape pens. 

Refillable pod vapes also fall under this category. These pens are mostly used to vape nicotine, but you can also use them for CBD.

Disposable Pens

Disposable CBD pens contain some pre-loaded CBD e-juice and usually come with a battery and an atomizer. These pens are great as they allow you to puff even about 200 times before you can dispose of them. Disposable pens are also more practical compared to other pen types since you do not have to buy a battery or compatible pod system. 

Another major factor that makes these pens unique is how they are draw-activated. So, they only produce vapour when you’re puffing and do not have any buttons hence making them a great option, especially for beginners.

Why choose CBD pens?

CBD pens have proved to be an effective way of vaping CBD. The best thing about these pens is that they are easily accessible. So, you won’t have to waste a lot of time before you start vaping since you can even order them online. 

These pens are mostly used to vape CBD e-juice. So, using these pens ensures you get the right amounts of CBD and enjoy some benefits with no severe side effects. Also, using CBD pens does not make you high, thus allowing you to enjoy vaping without affecting your productivity at work.

Benefits of CBD Pens

  • Refillable CBD pens are more cost-effective in the long run since you don’t have to keep investing in new devices after buying the first one
  • Most CBD pens allow you to decide what amount of CBD e-juice you want to puff hence giving you control of your vaping experience
  • There is a variety of CBD pens in the market today, thus allowing you to choose another one every time you want to feel a different experience. Also, the variety enables you to select a CBD pen that you can handle since some are more suitable for experienced users
  • CBD pens are small and light allowing you to continue enjoying even when travelling
  • These pens are not expensive hence making it easy to purchase, use and maintain
  • Using CBD pens is safer compared to smoking as they do not contain any THC, which is the marijuana substance that’s known to cause severe side effects
  • CBD pens produce a sweet aroma, and you can even choose between different flavours, thus allowing you to avoid toxic smoke


How do CBD pens work?

For the buttonless CBD pens, the inhaled air usually activates the atomizer that is located at the bottom. When the atomizer is activated, it heats the CBD e-juice hence producing the vapour you vape. When it comes to button-activated pens, pressing the button activates the atomizer heating the e-juice, thus creating the vapour.

How do I know when my battery is running low?

When your battery is running out of power, the LEDs will blink severally after pressing the button.

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