CBD +FX Calming Balm Full Spectrum CBD 50mg 0,5Oz

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Product Description

Full Spectrum Calming Balm By CBD +FX is a smooth and Valvety moisturising balm ideal for nourishing and softening your skin. It Feature a mix of fragrant lavender, soft chamomile and tea tree oil ideal for exposed skin.

This balm contains 150mg of CBD per 0.5Oz Container. Simply apply balm to affected area to feel the positive effects of this supporting balm.

- Sunflower Oil
- Jojoba Oil
- Shea Butter
- Beeswax
- Coconut Oil
- Avocado Oil
- Tocopherol 
- CBD Rich Hemp Oil (150mg)
- Lavender Oil
- German Chamomile Oil
- Tea Tree Oil

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