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CBD crystals do not contain any THC, which is the major reason why they are becoming so popular among cannabis users nowadays. So, CBD crystals are now the best option for people who want to feel CBD benefits without experiencing the psychoactive effects of THC.

What are CBD crystals?

CBD crystals are a pure and concentrated form of Cannabidiol that you can find in the market today. These crystals contain about 99% of pure CBD hence making them among the best places to get excellent CBD. 

The purity of this product is achieved by using different extraction methods. The main method used is supercritical CO₂, where the hemp materials are filtered out to help remove components like oils and waxes. The end product is usually a CBD isolate with a powdery crystal form and resembles fine sugar.

When it comes to using CBD crystals, there is no exact dosage that you should take as people are different. However, considering this product’s purity, it’s advisable that you start with a lower dosage of about 1 to 10 mg then slowly increase with time. Doing this helps to ensure you get the right dosage for you, get maximum benefits and avoid experiencing any side effects due to overdosage.

Why choose CBD crystals?

CBD crystals are great and the best way to use CBD as they’re pure and do not contain any substances that could reduce the chances of getting excellent benefits. 

You should choose CBD crystals as they allow you to consume them using different methods. Some of the best ways that you can use include:

1. Sublingual

This method refers to placing CBD crystals directly under the tongue. For this tactic, you put a certain dose of this product under your tongue for about a minute, then wait for it to be fully absorbed into the body. These crystals do not contain any bitter taste, thus making them easier to use with the sublingual method.

2. Cooking

You can also combine CBD crystals with your cooking oil. When using this method, it’s crucial to remember that CBD can lose its potency at very high temperatures, thus delivering fewer benefits. Therefore, ensure you keep your cooking below 350 degrees and never above 400 degrees.

3. Mix It with Drinks and Topical Creams

Another effective way of using CBD crystals is by combining them with some of your favourite drinks. Smoothies, juices, tea and coffee are great examples. Also, you can put some CBD crystals in your skin oils. Doing this helps you to reduce inflammation from a condition like arthritis.

Benefits of CBD Crystals

CBD crystals provide lots of benefits, which is why many people around the world today, especially the youth, use them. Below, are the major benefits that using CBD crystals provides;

  • Helps to reduce nausea and vomiting
  • They minimise inflammation
  • You can use CBD crystals to fight cancer cells
  • Helps to reduce depression and anxiety
  • They can help to suppress seizure activity

These are just the most common benefits, but there are more. Before using CBD crystals for any medical condition, it is vital that you consult with a professional first. Doing this helps to determine if you are in the best shape to use it and whether there are any chances of it causing side effects, especially if you’re using other medicines.

CBD Crystals FAQ

Do CBD crystals cause side effects?

CBD crystals are the purest form of CBD, which is not known to make you high or cause side effects compared to THC containing products.

Can I mix my CBD crystals with vape liquid?

Yes. You can mix some CBD crystals with your vape liquid. However, make sure you shake the mixture to help them combine properly and deliver the desired results. Also, you should use CBD crystals in moderation when combining them with vape liquid to avoid any possible side effects.

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