CannabiGold Food Supplement Terpenes 12ml

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Cannabigold Terpenes+ 250mg CBD Oil is a unique combination of top-quality gold Hemp Seed oil, pure CBD and a precise composition of terpenes chosen by Polish scientists beneath the full management of HemPoland.

-THC free.
-Vegan friendly.
-Contain an assured degree of CBD.

Each bottle incorporates guaranteed minimal 250 mg of CBD.

Perfectly suited for those who are about to begin their journey with CBD oil. Prime-quality gold CO2 hemp extracts rich in naturally occurring cannabinoids. They made out of chilly pressed hemp seed oil, cannabidiol & terpenes (approx. 0.7%).

Using fashionable packaging - the   Glass Polymer   -  guarantees the stability of the product & permits exact dosage.

Additionally available:
Cannabigold Terpenes+ 500mg CBD Oil 12ml, Cannabigold Terpenes+ 1000mg CBD Oil 12ml and Cannabigold Terpenes+ 1500mg CBD Oil 12ml.

Cannabigold Terpenes+ 250mg is completely suited for these individuals who are near to start their journey with a CBD oil product. 

Every bottle accommodates assured minimal 250mg of CBD, with different naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenoids & flavonoids (comparable to CBC - cannabichromene, CBG - cannabigerol, CBDV - cannabidivarin, ß-caryophyllene).

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