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Blue Moon Hemp Eblunt Flan 560mg 12.5% CBD

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Product Description

Flan EBlunt by Blue Moon Hemp is a handy and disposable CBD vape pen, good for use on the go and simply stored. No messy refills or the need to change the coils, simply pull it out and toke away.

This Eblunt is a dessert lovers dream featuring the classical creme brulee flavoured with quality Madagascar vanilla beans topped with lashing of sweet caramel. 

This Eblunt is extraordinarily moreish and gives a rich taste that may go away your style buds tingling. 

- No mess, straightforward use
- Discreet and disposable
- 560mg 12.5% CBD

Proprietary mix of 
CBD (cannabidiol)
Bio Propylene Glycol
Natural Non-GMO Vegetable Glycerin. 

Natural and Artificial Flavors added for taste.

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