24K CBD Premium Organic CBD Oil 30ml

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Premium Organic CBD Oil by 24k CBD is a top-quality Broad Spectrum, Drop administered, C02 extracted cannabidiol CBD oil. This oil is a top-grade extract of cannabis plant formulated to the highest standard featuring a range of CBD strengths including: 

- All 24K oils are GMO-Free
- Gluten free, Vegan friendly
- Rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
- Containing Zero THC using only the finest blend of ingredients.
Use as an oil for massage or use to make a blend for massage by combining with your favourite essential oils. It works perfect alongside Ginger and Rosemary providing a fragrant and relaxing massage. 

Dilute at a ratio of 1ml (approx. 20 drops) of essential oil to 100ml of carrier oil. This is a 1% dilution. 

Due to its velvety properties this oil is perfect as a cleanser and is kind to skin.Hemp Seed Oil has many uses including as a substitute to shaving gel or foam featuring an additional boost of menthol if desired. 

Hemp Seed Oil is ideal for your hair too. You can utilize it to condition your hair. Massage a tablespoon of oil into your hair all the way to scalp then shampoo after 10 minutes. Top Tip    add the shampoo to your hair and begin to lather before adding the water. This will help remove the oil and will rinse out easier. 

Beauty Hack

Add hemp oil to your beauty line to add some essential ingredients and to enhance creams, balms and moisturizers.  

As with any new product always conduct a patch test before first use. 

Manufactured in the U.K adhering to all legislation and regulation 


- Hemp Extract
- Raw Organic Hemp Oil.

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